NSB propagandafilms

The relatively new medium of film was of great importance in the propaganda machine of the NSB. This is made clear by the NSB film collection that Beeld & Geluid, in cooperation with Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen, is making available online within the WO2 Open Data Depot project.

This dataset is a subset of the Open Images dataset. It contains film material of the Film service of the Dutch National Socialist Movement (NSB). In 1941 Mussert appointed member of the NSB, G.J. Teunissen as leader of the Film Service of the NSB. Under his supervision they started producing their own cinema news reels 'Spiegel der Beweging' (Mirror of the Movement).

The dataset can be accessed via Open Images and Wikimedia Commons.

NB: This dataset contains material produced by the NSB, the National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands. As such, these videos and their metadata might reflect erroneous, biased or politically extreme ideas.