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Sound & Vision makes available the metadata of more than 2.5 million collection items to developers, researchers and enthusiasts. We aim to enable third parties to (re)use our collection data and in doing so improve discoverability, contextualisation and increase engagement with various audiences.

The Sound & Vision Data Platform offers access to the data and provides information, documentation and examples of reuse of Sound & Vision data.

The digital collections and metadata of Sound & Vision are available as linked data, as data dump, through APIs or Wikimedia Commons. If intellectual property allows, everyone can use the data for free. If the material is protected by copyright, access to the data for scientific research or non-profit uses can be possible.

What about Sound & Vision?

Sound & Vision

Sound & Vision is the leading institute for media in the Netherlands and one of the largest audio visual archives in the world. It is an inspiring, creative and welcoming meeting place for professionals and others interested in the industry; online, in our physical museum and sometimes on location. We preserve and provide access to different types of media, including radio and television programmes, video games, written print media, political cartoons, GIFs, websites and historical objects. Sound & Vision is one of the leading authorities when it comes to providing insight into the Dutch media landscape and interpreting current developments from the perspective of media history. We do this with the aim of showing how media impacts everyday life.

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Media Parkboulevard 1
1217 WE Hilversum

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Postbus 1060
1200 BB Hilversum


+31 (0)35 677 5555

In case you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us at data@beeldengeluid.nl.

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